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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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you can do so on -- >> tank tops, whatever. >> it's going to be beautiful. tom kierein is tracking how warm it's going to get. good morning. >> good morning. great weather for dad to watch you mow the lawn. we are starting off this morning rather cool. we are in the 60s just near 70. it's going to quickly jump up to around 80 degrees by noontime. here's a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. the bright sun pouring down across the region and looking off to the west, northwest into montgomery county. temperatures are there are climbing up to around 70. reagan national at 72. prince george's at 70. low 70s much of northern virginia, including fairfax county. beautiful morning around the bay. upper 60s to near 70 degrees there as well. storm team 4 radar all clear. no rain for the mountains. all the way to the atlantic beaches. look at our next chance for rain coming up in a few minutes. thanks tom. we're following
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prince george's county. a deadly shooting in hillcrest heights. prince george's county police say it's a homicide. they say someone shot and killed a man on southern avenue near united medical center. not far from the southern avenue metro station. the shooting happened shortly after 2:00 this morning. >> in montgomery county, we're learning more about this serious crash on the beltway. if you were driving around 3:00 this morning, this is what you would have seen. all lanes closed on the inner loop. have backed up a mile long. maryland state police say a tractor-trailer hit a honda civic. this is near the clara barton parkway exit before river road. she was trying to merge when it hit a car. police say justice has serious injuries. they closed all of the lanes for hours on the inner loop. everything is back open now. and now from the roads over to the tracks, anyone using metro this weekend needs to pack some patience. >> that's because of track work scheduled as well as theec
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which is now under way. major changes coming for a lot of you who ride the rails. news 4's derrick ward is live at eastern market station this morning to break it all down for you. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you might say we are at the western end of the surge. this is where you're going to run into adversity to get to points east of here. folks coming into town, this is where you will jump back on to the rail system. here are the stations that are affected. eastern market, benning road and minnesota avenue. you also need to know that the stadium armory and potomac avenue stations are closed. there will be buses provided like we're seeing here. buses provided to get people around the closed stations. they will run every five and ten minutes. they will serve eastern market, benning road and minnesota avenue. folks will tell you what you need to do. this is going to be a test, sort of. because this is a weekend when travel is lighter. we talked to one rider who says, you know what, she feels
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necessary. >>za%z so we got to understand got to be safe. wherever we're traveling. >> reporter: back with you live here. you know, this is the ideal place to do this. you got a plaza and metro says that there are going to be lines, especially during the weekdays when people start to ride and try to get to their points of destination. they're urging people to take alternate transportation if they can and if they can't, be prepared for lines. you know, come early. one thing with being here, we're talking about the approach that a lot of people are getting involved. v dot has put people at the intersection of 8th and pennsylvania so all of the bus traffic can flow smoothly and pedestrian traffic as well. you're probably going to be seeing that throughout as they take this holistic approach to improving the safety of the metro system. live in eastern market, derrick ward, news 4. >> derrick, thanks.
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slowing down the rails. blue line trains only operating between franconia-springfield and arlington cemetery and pentagon. no rail or bus service between arlington cemetery and rosslyn. the red, yellow and green line trains expected to run on regular skeld eulls. for those on the roads, this could slow you down. emergency road repairs on the inner loop of the beltway in prince george's counties next week. because of what you see right there. chopper 4 above the pothole they're going to fix. it's on a bridge deck near lanham. during the repairs, three of the four lanes will be closed. crews will minimize the impact by working only overnight between 9:00 in the evening and 5:00 in the morning. now to a scary story developing out of colorado where sheriff's deputies say a boy was attacked by a mountain lion.
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attacked. this happened in pit kin county, colorado near aspen. the boy had been playing with his brother outside when the mountain lion jumped on him. the boy ended up hurting his head as well as his neck. the boy is in fair condition at this hour. someone from the u.s. forest service tracked the mountain lion down and put it down. right now, there's a brand new sign or signs in disney world warning about the wildlife there. this comes after a boy wasurm÷ attacked by an alligator near a disney resort early this week. the boy ended up dying. all the beaches at disney remain closed today. a police captain facing sex offense charges this morning. joseph dam ral inappropriately tchd a 10-year-old girl. he lives in fairfax. we called our sister station in miami. they've confirmed that he used
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to be a police captain in north miami beach. he retired about three years ago. he's charged with aggravated sexual battery and taking indecent liberties with a child. the woman killed in a crash has been identified. victoria hitchens was killed when she hit a tree on randolph road friday morning. investigators are still trying to figure out if another wreck that happened one minute later is connected to the original crash. the driver of the suv on the same road then slammed into a utility pole near new hampshire avenue. that driver and a passenger were taken into custody after officers found drugs in the suv. new details surfacing this morning about omar mateen, the man behind the mass shooting in orlando. one of the survivors of that shooting tells the associated press, he saw mateen earlier that night buying a drink at the pulse nightclub. the witness has given his account to the fbi. it's not yet been verified. 49 people, though, did die in that
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hospital. >> remind me of the terrible things that i had to deal with. it's a tangible reminder to not forget the good that happened and the patients we took care of. >> that was one of the hospital's senior surgeons. he bought a new pair of shoes one week before the shooting and says he will not take them off until the last survivor of the shooting is sent home. this story had a lot of you talking and reacting on social media. this after a state official posted something online and ended up getting suspended. florida's assistant state attorney, kenneth lewis, wrote on facebook that downtown orlando is dangerous. he said the whole city should be leveled. a spokeswoman said lewis was suspended for violating the state attorney office's social media policy. >> angie, the shooting caused a lot of talk about gun control and gun rights. donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee for president weighed
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>> so don't let them take your guns away. and believe me, you put me in there, we're going to save that second amendment. we're going to save your guns. they're not going to take away your bullets. >> trump was at a rally in texas when he said right there that he would defend the second amendment. this morning, president obama talked about guns in his weekly address. >> after we see parents grieve for their children, the fact that we as a country do nothing to prevent the next heartbreak makes no sense. so this past week i've also thought a lot about dads and moms around the country who have had to explain to their children what happened in orlando. >> and in just days, congress is taking action on gun control. the senate is voting on four different measures, including one on background checks and another about the no fly list. speaker of the house paul ryan talked about what would happen if thell
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house. >> the question is can we make sure that procedure works the way it's supposed to work. that's point number one. point number two, you don't want to deny a person constitutional rights without due process. >> he's speaking there with chuck todd. you can see the entire interview tomorrow after "news4 today" on "meet the press." more rumblings about the role senator elizabeth warren could play in hillary clinton's campaign. warren visited the clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn yesterday. we're told she gave a pep talk to the staff there. in the last week, a poll conducted by bloomberg found more than a third of clinton's supporters believe she should choose senator warren as her running mates. keeping with politics. democrats holding their virginia state convention today. virginia governor, terry mcauliffe will kick things off with a speech. attendees at the convention will select their delegates for the democratic national convention in philadelphia this year.
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jefferson jacksonxçga dinner. u.s. secretary of labor, thomas perez, is the dinner's honored guest. a rising british lawmaker shot and stabbed to death. the bizarre comments her accused killer just gave in court. i'm not the same individual who i used to be. i have to learn at the pace that i can now. >> fighting for recovery. the difficult journey that this man had to take to make a full return and survive an incredib
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an alarming update in the deadly shooting in england. jo cox was shot and killed last week. the man charged in her murder appeared in court this morning. when asked for his name,ho
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mair said, quote, death to traitors, freedom for britain, end quote. he's charged with murder and several other offenses. jo cox represented the labor our party. she was 41 years old. it has been a tough couple of days in oakland, california. they have been through three police chiefs in eight days. the department is struggling with allegations that a number of officers had sex with a teenage prostitute and exchanged racist text messages. the last acting chief was on the down. the mayor says the decision was not connected to the scandals and they will not immediately seek out a replacement. if you need to practice grilling for father's day, go ahead, break out the barbecue for lunch or dinner. tom is tracking how long the stretch of sunny weather iséí going to last. >> 9 slon:13 is your time. out to the west, extremely hot temperatures there not helping the growing wildfires. we'll show you the newrád challenges
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good morning. temperatures jumping with the bright sun climbing into the 70s. here's the hour by hour day planner this saturday. with the bright sun, it will be around 80 degrees. between 3:00 and 5:00, hovering in the mid-80s with lots of sunshine and low humidity. into the middle part of the evening, by 9:00 under a clear
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sky, it will be dropping into the upper 70s. ok at the next chance for rain and storms. that's coming up in a couple of minutes. tom, thank you. things were much worse further to the south of us. thousands still remain without power in central virginia. this after thursday's storm. within the last 36 hours, power has been restored to 169,000 customers. that is down from the 250,000 who lost it. this is actually the worst storm to hit the richmond area since 2012. from south of us to the west. developing a heat wave making the big fires out there much worse. this is one of the worst right here. this is brushfire in southern california. it's about 20% contained right now. there's a state of emergency there. hundreds have been evacuated because of the flames. these are big fires burning in nearly a dozen different states. more than a thousand fire crews fighting them right now. it's 9:17. this morning the international olympicmi
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in support of a ban on several athletes. it says it respects the suspension of members of the russian track and field team. an investigation uncovered cheating, corruption and cover-ups of doping among other athletes. they're ready to ensure a level playing field for all the athletes in rio. the summer games begin in august. while we're talking about rio, only a few months away, they're dealing with quite a financial emergency. the governor of rio is requesting federal funds to help it during the olympics. he says there could be a, quote, total collapse of services if they don't get more money. zienl he was attacked at random and hit over the head with a rock. doctors said he wouldn't live 72 hours. >> that was two years ago. today jeffrey alvarez is walking, talking, working on a second college degree while his attacker faces decades behind bars. our own megan
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down with he and his fiance. >> jasmine thompson and jeffrey alvarez are high school sweethearts both with big dreams. >> another thing i'm planning on doing. >> he wants to be a computer engineer. it was two years ago today that thompson found her passion to be a nurse. >> i started writing down everything happening to him throughout certain weeks. the week of the 17th, when it happened owe open. >> on june 17th of 2014, security cameras were rolling when alvarez left work. montgomery county police say 30-year-old clayton mole nof came from behind a dumpster and is seen beating him in the head with a brick. cell phone video shows good samaritans following the suspect to a nearby golf course where he was arrested. >> it's so troubling that someone would get hit over the head with a big rock nntsly walking from work. >> ramon with the montgomery county e
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says it was important to send a message to the community when he was sentenced last week. >> we take this very seriously. we believe the 25-year sentence imposed just a few weeks ago is vital to keep the community safe. >> it's something that i would be planning on. >> alvarez says in some ways he is feels like justice was served. ever since that day, his life has changed. >> everything you can name i had to go through and relearn it. it's hard to remember a lot of stuff. >> life ahead isn't easy. but with his fiance by his side, he'll never give up on his dreams. >> mentally handicapped and it's not something you can change. it's something you have to live with. you have to change, you have to adapt to it. >> megan fitzgerald with that incredible story of survival. >> great. what a fantastic weekend in store for us, especially f
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fathers out there. >> perfect to watch somebody else mow. >> and maybe grill even. >> that's right. starting off with temperatures beginning to climb into the 70s. if you haven't been out yet, you will love it when you step out the door. if you have plans to get in a run or do a hike or a reagan national at 72 degrees. storm team 4 radar showing no rain anywhere in the region. a big area of high pressure. it's dry from the mountains to the atlantic beaches. great afternoon for the d.c. jazz fest going on today. right on the
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park capitol waterfront in anacostia. low humidity through the afternoon. temperatures climbing into the mid-80s at yards park. during the day on father's day, beautiful morning in the mid-60s. afternoon highs again mid-80s tomorrow. low humidity and lots of sunshine on father's day. then on monday, getting hotter. but still not too humid. afternoon highs, low 90s. it's theç first day of summer. the summer solstice arrives at 6:34 p.m. then on tuesday, increasing clouds and increasing humidity. afternoon high around 90 degrees. some afternoon/evening storms possible on tuesday. then dry for a couple more days on wednesday and thursday. then more showers perhaps on friday. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. a search years in the making. a reunion, a family thought it was impossible until th gotey
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that's the crowd on the beach cheering for the capture of an alligator in the atlantic ocean. a professional trapper, you see him there, off the coast of georgia yesterday. the island officials had to close part of the beach there. they say police, animal control and fire personnel all helped to track and catch that alligator. wow. dad may not be using snap chat. but if the kids are, the
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going to see a change. we are using it. snap chat users watching 8 billion videos every day, the company is focusing on revenue and will start showing ads between your friends' stories. you can skip over the ads and they won't be inserted into the stories themselves. but on occasion they will appear full screen as you transition from one story over to the next one. david, you've seen this already. >> i do. the thing is you can pass through it for now. you can advance it quickly. >> thank goodness. >> for now. i can say that -- >> all right. it's not uncommon to see photos of missing pets on social media. but imagine finding a dog that disappeared nearly four years ago. >> that's right. a family vacationing in virginia did just that. you know what they used? a pet detective. >> ace ventura? >> i don't think it was that one. it was another one. they got a call from back home in pennsylvania that their dog had escaped from the pet sitter. now, they had all but given up
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phone call. the pet detective actually found jacks right there after more than 1400 days. they found him by setting a pet friendly trap in the woods. >> mourned him. we mourned the loss of our dog. he's a family member not just a dog. >> when he got back home, that's where jacks wept right away, jumped to his old favorite spot on the couch. the sun is coming out. you'll have time to enjoy it. tom is updating his forecast for the most comfortable times to go for that run. >> thousands of government workers owed çmoney. a mistake that could lead to more cash in your bank account. a dozen young girls kept in a man's house. the new charges and what a neighbor spotted that tipped off police.
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it's 9:30. here are the top stories. a deadly shooting investigation. a man was shot and killed on southern avenue across from united medical center. prince george's county police are calling the shooting a homicide. the second phase of the safetrack program is under way. the impact is between the eastern market, minnesota avenue and benning road stations. it's going to last 16 days. two stations in the district will close. stadium armory and potomac avenue. a woman is
9:31 am
maryland police say the woman was trying to merge on the highway when a tractor-trailer struck her car. all right. 9:31. in the 70s here in northwest. it's going to get warmer up to the 80s on this saturday. welcome back to news"news4 tod. i'm david culver. >> i'm angie goff. meteorologist tom kierein is on the storm team 4 weather deck working on his tan we understand. roll up the sleeves, tom. >> it's a little tough. i'm in the shade of this gorgeous deep green oak tree and we've got a royal blue sky overhead. when you're outrunning around, you can track all the weather with the nbc washington app. what to wear today? you'll be comfortable sleeveless, shorts, sun block. put away the umbrella. you will need the sun block and the sunglasses with that very strong sun that's pouring down out of this blue sky for the rest of this saturday. absolutely gorge
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continues into tomorrow. we'll look at that. and our next chances for some rain and storms and when you will need an umbrella. that's coming up in a few minutes this half hour. >> tom, thanks. a major anti-terrorism raid. we're getting this new video in from brussels. belgium prosecutors searched dozens of homes in the city overnight. they interrogated 40 people and arrested a dozen. prosecutors say an investigation required immediate intervention. all new this morning, herndon police arrested a man accused of trying to take photos of a little girl at a library. northern virginia bureau chief said police contacted her to say steven al we had wards is in custody. heç moved but did not update h information. you can help d.c. workers work on their draft of the state constitution. it's the final day of the constitutional convention. the newol
9:33 am
commission is putting together a constitution that would govern d.c. as the state. they're meeting atwood row wilson high school today. you can go online and submit any changes to their draft so far. the commission will vote on a final version by the end of this month. if you work for the maryland government, there's a chance the state owes you money. they may have shortchanged 13,000 employees. the state neglected to pay them for overtime for as much as $30 in revant pay periods. the state discovered the problem when it switched to a new payroll system. many folks affected by this are correction's employees, hospital workers and police. the fairfax county officer involved in the fatal crash of a pedestrian will not face any charges. the accident happened back in april. jeffrey aguilar walked into the street against a green light when he was struck and killed by
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the commonwealth's attorney says the officer that hit him has no criminal responsibility and can soon return to full duty. this is a bizarre story out of pennsylvania. a couple there facing child endangerment charges after police say the mom and dad gave their 14-year-old daughter to a man as a gift for helping them financially. that man is now charged with sexually assaulting the girl. officials found 51-year-old lee kaplan at his home along with 12 girls ranging in age from 6 months to 18 years old. this was on thursday. the oldest girls told police kaplan fathered two of the other children with her. a neighbor said she was the one who called police. >> i don't know the situation. i don't know if they're kidnapped or being bought and obviously sold or given at gifts. i want them to get back and -- they look fearful every time you see them. >> the o
9:35 am
in the home north of philadelphia belonged to them. all of the kids are now in protective custody. >> poor babies. cesar goodson could learn his fate next week. closing arguments are expected monday in the trial. he's charged in the murder of freddie gray. goodson is the only officer out ofç six facing charges -- faci charges to be charged with murder. prosecutors say goodson intentionally gave gray a rough ride. the defense says gray's injuries were self-inflicted. sidwell school is revising policies and procedures following allegations of a sexual assault. a student said she was raped by another student back in march. police presented that case to prosecutors, no charges were filed. the sool has installed more security cameras and improved lighting and conducted a survey of that campus. that merger
9:36 am
according to the news partner, wpot. d.c. regulators rejected multiple requests to re-examine the deal. exelon acquired pepco in a merger. that deal was approved in four states and the federal government in addition to the district. some groups were worried about rising costs and clean energy. a billion dollar project at one of our busiest airports. how reagan national airport is trying to make flying easier for a record number of commuters. an attack on metro. how the mother of two young girls is raising safety concerns and why the family fears mo riders creou
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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got a second, take a look at this picture on your screen. prince george's county police say that this is del mar
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he's missing. he was last seen in a 2014 black dodge, being driven in it. the license plate 370301ht. he was around willoughby road and upper marlboro at the time. if you've seen him, call prince george's county police. a billion dollar project is about to get under way to make it easier to get around reagan national airport. the airport is adding a commuter concourse on the north side this fall. this is a live look. it's the biggest project at the airport in nearly two decades. a few weeks ago, there were air record number of people flying out of reagan national. they're holding a meeting about noise concerns next week. the thunderbirds returning to the skies this weekend. earlier this month a pilot crashed during a flyover at the air force graduation in colorado. this was at the academy. the pilot was forced to eject. he was not seriously hurt. the team has been grounded for two weeks. they'll resume their show in oc
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it's a great day for shorts and a tank top as you look live at national harbor. good day to be out on the water too. tom is updating the forecast. he'll be here to tell us when to expect the warmest temperatures this weekend. a touching tribute to a teen. a powerful message for others. how a real life story of violence is being used to make a difference. riding out the surge,
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good morning. a beautiful morning under way. a great aftp)noon on the d.c. waterfront on the anacostia river for the d.c. jazz fest at 2:00 this afternoon. right there at yards park. it's going to be getting into the mid-80s in the afternoon. low humidity and bright sunshine throughout the rest of the afternoon. we're going to keep this going for father's day. then we'll look at showers and storms moving our way for the week ahead. that's coming right up. thanks, tom. if you're travel on metro this weeke weekend, you want to pack your patience. >> that's right. on top of the scheduled track work under way, the second phase of safetrack is also happening this week and starting today in fact. major changes coming for many of you who have to ride the rails. derrick ward is live at the eastern market station checking in on things and what folks can
9:44 am
>> reporter: yeah. we're sort of at the western edge of the surge as it affects the orange, blue and silver lines. now, here are the station tas are going to be affected the most. the eastern market, the benning road and minnesota avenue stations. you'll have stadium and potomac are closed altogether. there will be shuttle buses. we've seen a lot of them here this morning. they will ferry you around the closed sections of track that metro will be working on to improve safety and reliability. the buses will run five to ten minutes apart. they will service eastern market, benning rolled, minnesota avenue. you can get back on the rail and head back east. it's the reverse coming into town. this will be going on for 16 days. riders we talked to on the first day are taking it in stride. >> you got to do it for safety. we have to adjust to it. >> reporter: now,
9:45 am
going to be surging buses as well. about 40 buses will be dedicated to shuttling folks around the areas. the buses are indeed going to be crowded. metro saying that already. not so much as we see on the weekend but during the week. leave early. make other plans if you can. but expect delays. live at eastern market, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> derrick, thanks so much. it's 9:45. we have a warning from the mothers of two teenage girls. their daughters were beaten at a metro station and what the attackers did with the video of the assault is causing more pain. tracee wilkins has more from l'enfant plaza. >> these two mothers who didn't want to be identified are sending a warning out to parents whose children ride metro. >> metro is not safe at all. i challenge somebody to tell me that it's safe. it's not. >> earlier this month, their two daughters were inside the l'enfant plaza when they were brutally beaten by a gang
9:46 am
before. >> it was animal-like. to see how they pound on my child like she don't mean anything. >> it happened around 6:00 p.m., rush hour on a crowded platform. the assault lasted for minutes and then one of the victims was robbed of her cell phone. >> she didn't understand why so many adults sit around and no one helps them. >> this mother says what happened next shocked her. >> she said i found a video of the fight and i said, there was a video of the fight? she said yeah. there were people filming. >> hours after the attack, a video appeared on instagram. the victims are now left with the physical and emotional pain. >> the swelling has gone down but the pain of the cracked bone is there and start to go bother her. she sleeps almost all day and is up all night. >> prince george's county police and other police are familiar with the gang responsible for the attack and monitor their activities. most of its members
9:47 am
prince george's county according to d.c. police. metro police say they are close to an arrest. these mothers say they both moved their daughters to another school. >> her being at that school means she would have to take the train, take the metro. she didn't feel safe on metro. >> that was tracee wilkins reporting. metro has been able to identify the suspects through their cameras and believe they are close to making an arrest. prince george's county and d.c. police calling this group a gang and say that they are familiar with them. this morning, we're learning more about how a giant fire started in manassas. we're also hearing from one of the folks who rushed to save himself as well as his family. vep investigators say it started when someone tried to put out a cigarette in a pot with dried soil. the soil started to smolder and the complex caught fire. right now,
9:48 am
thankful for his friends' support. >> overwhelmed by the generosity, the love and the caring that they're giving me. ♪ >> the reason we're showing you this video is because cardenas is the redskins bandleader. his home was gutted. one of 40 people the red cross is providing temporary housing for. it is one of the biggest drug busts in frederick county maryland's history. besides the mass amount of her yin, çfentanyl, cocaine and otr pills, there were guns, cars and cash. nine people are facing charges. still looking for one more person. police say the bust is the result of an investigation sparked by overdoses throughout frederick county. they were able to link the drugs to the same suppliers in new york. >> this is not a street-level investigation. this is a large-scale drug investigation where we actually dismantled a drug trafficking ring. >> officials say there have been 153 overdoses in all of fri
9:49 am
year. 14 of those were fatal. taking in many drugs off the street will save lives. health officials are preparing for the worst in puerto rico. the zika virus there is spreading quickly. they're worried hundreds of babies could be born with birth defects. testing earlier this month revealed more than 1% of all blood donations in puerto rico tested positive for zika. the cdc says those numbers mean it's possible thousands of pregnant women could be affected with the disease. don't be surprised if you see a group of d.c. police riding bikes throughout the community today. the event is to raise police awareness. they're going to begin at the department headquarters on indiana avenue in northwest. that's expected to start at 10:00 this morning. today you can go to a play about violence and how it impacts families right here in d.c. >> it is called, there's a stranger in my house. d'andrea willis and washington wrote the play to
9:50 am
think about what's going on in their own communities and how to make it better. they were influenced by the deadly shooting at the station. devonte washington was killed. the writers want to help his family. >> every ticket that we sell, they will receive a proceed. >> i want you to shoot him. you're sure you're down with it, right? >> i can do anything. >> there are two more performances of there's a stranger in my hoe today both at the ballou high school auditorium. it's at 3:00 or 7:00 p.m. tonight. 9:50 your time on this saturday. tom kierein in from the beautiful outdoors. >> shows us that tan, tom. >> had to give -- took security to drag me back in. >> i know. >> real quick, though. we are live on our facebook page if. you go to nbc washington. it's a great
9:51 am
cory's birthday. >> wonderful golf, tennis, hiking,ç biking, shooting hoop. wonderful outdoor weather. kayaking on the potomac. getting out to skyline drive where we've got a royal blue sky greeting you. there's a live view from the tower camera overlooking northwest washington in the foreground. montgomery county in the distance. all around the region, wrooef got glorious sunshine coming down. great weather to get some exercise. up near 80 degrees today. mid-80s between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. with the bright sunshine and the low humidity in place throughout the entire day today. a very light breeze out of the north and east. right now around the chesapeake bay, gorgeous for sailing on the bay. enough of a wind there. it's around 70. inland away from the water, low 70s now. mid-70s parts of of virginia. and out on the shenandoah valley, the mountains climbing up into the upper 60s. storm team 4 radar all clear. no rain anywhere from the mountains to the atlantic beaches and the storm
9:52 am
four-day forecast showing another gorgeous day on father's day. lots of sunshine. up into the mid-80s tomorrow afternoon. low humidity still in place. still not very humid on monday as we say hello to summer. the summer solstice arrives, 6:34 p.m. before then, it will be hot. certainly feeling like summer into the low 90s. lots of sunshine. then gets more humid into tuesday. tuesday afternoon and evening. some showers and thunderstorms. before then, up around 90 degrees. then we'll get a couple more days with a break from the humidity. wednesday and thursday, storm team 4 search seven-day outlook, not very humid. into friday, could get more showers around. highs on friday in the upper 70s. that's the way it looks. >> thanks, tom. we continue to stay on top of breaking news right now. a man is dead in prince george's county and police are calling it a homicide. whathey're now revealing a tbo
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
they left the international space station this morning. all were on the i.s.s. for the last six months. today the group one d.c. is celebrating a tenth anniversary along with juneteenth. it commemorates the last of the slaves to be freed. one d.c. is hosting
9:56 am
beginning at 1:00 starting with a community marketplace and celebration. everything is happening at the jack morton auditorium at george washington university. we're posting ticket information in our nbc washington app. 9:56 is the time on this saturday morning. let's get you four things to know before you head out andç enjoy this weather. right now, there is a homicide investigation under way in prince george's county. police say a man was shot and killed on southern avenue in hillcrest heights. a 5-year-old boy was attacked by a mountain lion. he's in fair condition this morning. the lion was caught and killed. a heat wave in the western u.s. making the big brush fires that you see right there even more difficult to fight. firefighters say the sherpa fire in southern california is only 20% contained. metro's safetrack program is in its second phase. everything between eastern market and minnesota avenue and benning road stations are impacted. stadium armory and potomac avenue stations are closed during the 16-day stretch.
9:57 am
weekend? >> low humidity, warm afternoons into the mid-80s. low humidity the first part of the week. best chance of any storms on the seven-day outlook is tuesday afternoon and evening. maybe some showers on friday. otherwise a dry and pleasant pattern your next seven days. we would love to know what makes your dad a father, husband, so special. don't forget to send out pictures. put them on social media and tag @nbc washington. >> we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00. thanks so much for joining us here. also live
9:58 am
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